A force to be moved by, dance artist, visual artist, vocalist, actress and multi instrumentalist, Jenna Oxley, AKA JeNnA O, has a vast range of professional experience. Whether she is dancing with internally acclaimed dance company, DanceTheatre David Earle, singing along-side Juno Nominated and Grammy Award winning artists, working as stage manager and performance assistant for International Grand Illusionists, choreographing for and starring in feature films/commercials/music videos and dance videos, performing as lead vocalist, teaching professional and community dance, creating and leading dance therapy programs at International Dance Centres across the globe, or coaching top performance professionals from all backgrounds, Jenna Oxley's refreshing magnetism and artistry shines through.


"Like so many in the audience I am unable to find words for Jenna’s dance performance yesterday. Her piece was on Loss. We wept and felt transformed by her pure and naked anguish, denial, and frenzy all done without  melodrama, just authentic presence and mastery in expressing emotions through both movement and facial expression. I will never forget it,

a most powerful cultural experience, exquisitely presented. 
The philosopher Martha Nussbaum would describe our reaction

not as catharsis but as clarification.
What a gift to the soul Jenna gave us all."

Laurette Larocque Ph.D