CEaSaRO JAi, celebrated dancer, producer, vocalist, DJ, writer and musicologist, brings his artistry and expertise to Canada after growing up in London, England, gaining attention from and working with industry legends like Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson and the Jackson family, George Michael, Boy George, Soul II Soul and Island Record Label. Impacting the dance community globally, JAi taught dance by invitation across Europe and the United States and, alongside the Rock Steady Crew and the legendary "Crazy Legs", introduced and taught Poppin’ and Break Dance to mainstream dancers and children in the UK which ultimately led to the Poppin’ and Break Dance phenomenon that took the United Kingdom by storm in 1983.

 In addition to impacting the dance scene in the UK, JAi, AKA AGAPE 181, has also been a force in the music industry internationally, supporting and uplifting artists such as TheWeeknd, Glenn Lewis and Colin Monroe. 

Maintaining a humble nature, JAi brings SOuL to the forefront of all he endeavours, uplifting peers and students and reminding all that Dance and Music is the language of the SOuL, a healing invitation to one’s purest identity.




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